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A unique visitor centre opens all year round. This centre hosts the venue for the only permanent exhibition of contemporary automata in the UK. Here you can see and experience the hands-on interactive moving model characters spin, whirl and bob up and down with fascinating mechanisms, displays, cogs, cams and levers - describes as an ‘infinite variety of movement’. The centre always has a painting table set up and a box of toys to offer play and entertainment for your young ones. The centre facilitates the most adorable rabbit village and with a small fee, you are provided with rabbit snacks to go and feed the furry friends.

Telephone : 01650 521552


  • Open plan café offering homemade meals and snacks.
  • Shop area offering gifts and toys.
  • Play Barn – offering soft play (children under 10)

‘Very cute!’

“The visitor centre was absolutely lovely and I'd highly recommend it to anyone with little kids! There's a garden filled with rabbits which you can go out and feed and loads of cool little trinkets inside the cafe/centre”

May, 2018 Trip Advisor

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